Live Blackjack vs Computer Blackjack

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Live Blackjack vs Computer Blackjack

Blackjack is not only the most legendary casino game ever, it is also the casino game with the absolute greatest chances of winning.

With live blackjack, you have the opportunity to experience real blackjack excitement directly on mobile or desktop, without having to put your trust in a computer program!

Live blackjack is not only much more entertaining than playing against a computer program, it is also much more beneficial for you as the player.

It can be difficult to figure out if live blackjack or computer blackjack is best, as the payout percentages can sometimes be identical for both versions of the game.

But even if you have a computer blackjack table and a live blackjack table with identical payouts, you should always opt for live blackjack. The reason? Discretion!

The reason why it will always be better for you to choose live blackjack from for a computer version with the same payout percentage is that live blackjack is most often played with a shoe that contains a certain number of playing cards.

On the other hand, in the computer version of blackjack, cards are shuffled for each and every round. The consequence of shuffling the cards for each round you play against a computer is that exactly the same outcome can, in principle, be repeated indefinitely.

So even though the game has the same chances of winning as real blackjack, it will not have the same dynamics at all, and is more reminiscent of a slot machine or a game of cards.

In live blackjack, you get the right blackjack experience, combined with the convenience of playing online with live casinos

Live blackjack can be experienced at any online casino that offers live casino. We would especially recommend Asia Gaming (AG) casino, which offers many and unique gaming tables from top game providers.

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