Play Goblin’s Cave Slot at Playtech Casino

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Play Goblin’s Cave Slot at Playtech Casino

Goblin’s Cave is number one on Palytech’s list, of course because it has a highest RTP, but also because it is a super entertaining game.

A goblin is a mysterious creature from myths, which through many has also been included in various books, TV series and movies. Through that, they have certainly not gained the best reputation. They are often portrayed as unreliable, cunning and sometimes ugly methods. In addition, they are not the most attractive creatures.

However, the Goblin’s Cave slot machine does something about. Here we meet the main character of the game, who is there throughout your session.

The game board is built a little differently than most other slot machines you find online. It’s a build we see again and again from Playtech, but not really with some of the other game makers. If this is a build you prefer, then it might be a good idea to stick to the Playtech slot machine.

The game has three reels and three rows. It is the bottom row that spins first you will see three symbols. Once landed, you can choose to freeze one of the symbols, after which the entire reel will be filled with the given symbol in your next spin.

Thus, there is a greater chance of landing a winning combination. And with an RTP of 99.32%, there are some good gains to be made. We think it’s fun to play with a slightly higher coin value, as it also pushes the winnings up to the slightly more fun end.

Now you have a big chance to play Goblin’s Cave slot at Playtech casino for free and real money alongside your mobile device.

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